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Dustproof Face Masks

Compared to traditional face masks, our face masks have a breather valve that causes good air permeability. Super fine fiber forms a fluffy structure of the static filtration pad inside the face mask cloth. Such a structure produces a high effect of filtration for very small dust particles.


Purpose Face




Appication Field


Using effectively absorbent electret filter material to form super-fine melt blown fiber, our face masks are

applicable in different air cleaning states (Class A/B/C/D) in accordance with National Standard (GB/T32610-

2016). It can filter and absorb substances like PM2.5,fog and haze, bacterial, automobile exhaust, ultraviolet

ray, fine dust, oil molecules, and pollen, etc. 

The specially designed face mask can cover mouth, nose and part of chin and is properly fitted with the shape

of face. The air is forcefully filtered by breathing through the face mask. The face mask is featured with leak

free, foldable, and easy to store, economical and durable, and easy to carry.


The packing design and method can be customized. Designated Logo or

other printing pattern can be put on the packing carton onrequest.

Templates expense or other additional cost due to such request will be charged.

(1)The prices shown on our Alibaba web page or other places are only for reference. The final

prices should be decided in the negotiation before the order is put.

(2)We provide OEM production, OEM service and customized production
(3)MOQ will be decided based on the quantity in storage
(4)Payment term: 30% of total amount should be paid as down payment in advance of

production and the balance of 70% total payment should be paid before delivery of the goods.

(5)Designated Logo or other pattern can be printed on the surface of theproduct on request but

the cost of templates or other expense due to this request will be charged. This charge will

bereturned back to customers gradually in the later orders according to bilateral agreement in

advance at the beginning.

















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