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Company News
Beijing participates in China Medical Accessories Annual Summit
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Lu Lin, the company's CEO, was invited to participate in the annual summit of China's medical accessories in Beijing on May 6, 2019. He discussed with the industry leading enterprises and professors of Donghua University the trend of future medical accessories in China and the new non-woven materials. Applications in the medical field.
2018 Sichuan Ju Neng Autumn Canton Fair ended successfully
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The exhibition took 5 days and received a total of 127 overseas customers from all over the world. The customers expressed great interest in the meltblown non-woven products and expressed their purchasing needs. This booth is located in the medical equipment hall. Most of the customers are medical. Field professionals have great potential in the medical nonwovens market.
Sichuan Jueneng Filter Materials Preparation for the 124th Canton Fair
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The company attaches great importance to the Canton Fair in the fall and has made active preparations for this. The following arrangements have been made:The company's exhibition hall is the medical and health care products and medical equipment exhibition in Area B. The samples exhibited mainly include medical non-woven related products, plus the company's main melt-blown products, as well as new non-woven products.
Meltblown non-woven fabric manufacturer invites you to come to Canton Fair - Gathering filter
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Sichuan Jueneng Filter Materials Co., Ltd. invites you to participate in the Autumn Canton Fair.We are a manufacturer of meltblown nonwovens with 11 years of experience in production and sales. We will showcase the best-selling PP nonwoven products and the latest products of the company.
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