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Sichuan Juneng Filter Material Co.,ltd

No.399 West Section Of Fucheng Avenue,Hi-Tech Zone,Chengdu,China


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Sichuan Juneng Filter Material is located in Chengdu Hi-tech

Development Zone in Cheng Du.  It solely invests Sichuan

Suo Ma New Material technology as its manufacturing base 

that is in the Hao Wang industrial park in Huai kou, Chengdu, China.

What we do?

Sichuan Juneng has been being specialized in research, development, production, sales and service of new melt-blown materials and high-level products of filtration and absorption.

We have continued to promote our own brand and enhanced our image during the past 20 years

There are currently 3 up-to-date production lines in our factory   producing 5 categories of products as below:

1. Absorbent Products

Oil Absorbent Pads
Oil Absorbent Booms
Water/Chemical Absorbent Pads
Oil Absorbent Pillow
Spill Kits

2. New Medical Absorbent Materials

General Purpose Face Masks
Graphene Face Masks
Face Mask Materials
Medical Absorbent Mats
Nursing Absorbent Pads

3. Melt-blown Cleaning Wipers

Oil Meilt-blown Wipers
Liquid Melt-blown Wipers
Oil and Liquid Melt-blown Wipers

4.  Non-woven products

Dining Table Pads
Flower Pot Pads
Christmas Pats
Pet Mats

5. Lithium Battery Diaphragm