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Sichuan Juneng Filter Material Co.,ltd

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Message from CEO

Dear Friends, I’m Luke Lu, CEO of Sichuan Juneng Filter Material Company. I would like to

thank you to visit our official website to explore our products. In this internet world, we can easily communicate with each other wherever we are in the world. Internet gives people a

feeling that friends are seemingly nearby no matter how far away they actually are at the

end of the earth. Looking at our website, you can find our story and understand who we

are, what we do, how we do, and where we are. 

We are a listed company in China with stock name Sichuan Juneng and stock number is


We manufacture products of filtration and

absorption using our own produced high quality level materials. This is why we can ensure quality and delivery and furthermore after-sale services. 


Our mission is to make contribution to

cleaning environment and improving health 

using our products of filtration and absorption. We would like to share with you the happiness

of success. 

Worsening environment is currently a worldwide problem we are facing and sustainable development is a common goal we are having. Let's work together to make our

environment more cleaning and healthful through filtration and absorption.

Make a contribution to

cleaning environment through filtration and absorption

We are a listed company in China. Stock Name:Sichuan Juneng.  Stock

Code: 810482.

We are Sichuan Juneng Filter Material Co.,Ltd,  abbreviated as Sichuan


We are a company invested by private capitals and Shaoxing Juneng New

Material Technology Co.,Ltd that has 12-year experience in research,

development, production, and trading of melt-blown and non-woven

material and products.


Who we are?



Sichuan Juneng has been being specialized in research, development, production, sales and service of new melt-blown materials and high-level products of filtration and


We have continued to promote our own brand and enhanced our image during the past 20 years.

There are currently 3 up-to-date production lines in our factory producing 5 categories of products as below:

What we do?

1. Absorbent Products

Oil Absorbent Pads
Oil Absorbent Booms
Water/Chemical Absorbent Pads
Oil Absorbent Pillow
Spill Kits

2.New Medical Absorbent Materials

General Purpose Face Masks
Graphene Face Masks
Face Mask Materials
Medical Absorbent Mats
Nursing Absorbent Pads
Graphene Nursing Absorbent Underpads 

3.Melt-blown Cleaning Wipers


Oil Melt-blown Wipers
Liquid Melt-blown Wipers
Oil and Liquid Melt-blown Wipers

4.Non-woven products


Dining Table Pads
Flower Pot Pads
Christmas Pats
Pet Mats

5.Lithium Battery Diaphragm


We have total more than 100 members of the staff including a R&D team

that consists of experts, professors and engineers from different universities

and institutes.